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Printing Tips
Each semester students are allotted 500 pages which they can print on campus free of charge. However, once a student goes over their free printing limit, the student will be charged per page. Find out tips and tricks for saving paper and avoiding printing charges below.

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Tips and Tricks

  • Find out if you can turn in an assignment electronically rather than in print.
  • Only print the pages you need. Printing all the pages of a large resource when you only need a few sentences for a paper can take up a lot of your printing quota.
  • Be patient when printing. Many other students may be using the printer at the same time. Clicking print multiple times because your paper is taking too long will result in charges for both printing jobs.
  • Always log off a campus computer when you are finished using it. This way you can avoid other students potentially printing from your computer.
  • When researching, email yourself a resource rather than printing it. This way it saves paper and you can copy the quote needed directly (just don't forget to cite the source!).
  • When printing study guides, syllabi, or notes make sure to change the margins and font sizes to save paper.
  • When printing PowerPoints, make sure to print more than one slide on each page. The Handout layout is particularly useful for taking notes.
  • Bring a laptop to class and use it to take notes if your professors allows electronics. You won't need to print them because they are already stored on your personal computer.
  • If you need to share notes or study guides with another student, save them to your public folder where the other student can access them rather than printing.

Printing Charges

Once a student has reached the 500 page free printing limit, each printing job will be charged to the student's account. Printing limits reset each semester.
Student Printing
Single-Sided Page
$0.05 per page
Double-Sided Page
$0.07 per page

Ways to Print

Students have a variety of options when it comes to printing. To find out what your options are, visit the Printing article.

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