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Xfinity on Campus - Cable Television
Our contract with Comcast includes a subscription to Xfinity on Campus (XOC) for Residential Students. Meaning that students that live on campus have free access to Xfinity products while connected to the campus network. 

For more information about Xfinity on Campus, visit their About page. 

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Login From a Computer 
Login From a Mobile Device      Access Support Page 

Login From a Computer
Step 1:Navigate to 
You must be on campus, connected to the campus network to login to XOC. 
Step 2:Search for Elizabethtown College and press [Enter].
Step 3:
Sign in with your Etown credentials on this page. Step 4:Click Watch Now.

Login From a Mobile Device
or Smart TV

Step 1:
Install the Xfinity Stream app from your device's app store. Note: This is different from the Xfinity app. Step 2:
Open the app and select Xfinity on Campus students sign in here.
Step 3:
Enter Elizabethtown College in the search field and select it.
Step 4:
Type in your Etown username and password.
Step 5:
Watch TV!

Access Support Page

Step 1:Login following the steps for Logging in from
You must be on campus, connected to the campus network to login to XOC.
Step 2:
Click Support.
Step 3:
You may be asked to enter a name and email to keep track of your specific Support questions.
Step 4:Enter a question to search for help options. 
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