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Wi-Fi: Mac (MacOS Computers)
How to connect your Mac to EC_SECURE_WIFI. This is a secure wireless network that is available to anyone with an Etown username and password. Your computer must be also registered before you can access the network.
Basic Connection Guide
1. Open the Wireless menu on your device and connect to EC_SETUP_WIFI.
2. Open a web browser, visit
3. Make sure you agree to the terms and conditions before selecting start.
4. Enter your username (without and password and follow the on-screen prompts.
5. Visit and follow the prompts to register your computer.

Click the following links for in-depth instructions on using these services at Etown:

If you are having issues connecting to the network and have had access to it before, try deleting all Etown certificates on your computer and do the steps below. Click here to see how to delete certificates on your device.

Detailed Connection Guide

Step 1:
Click the Airport icon on the menu bar. 

Step 2:
If wireless is not already on, click Turn Wi-Fi On

Step 3:
The Airport icon will show that wireless is turned on. 

Step 4:Click the Airport icon and select EC_SETUP_WIFI.

Step 5:
There will be a check next to EC_SETUP_WIFI when it is connected.

Step 6:
Open Safari or other web browser. 

Step 7:
The wireless configuration page will appear. Select Click here to continue under Elizabethtown College Users. 

 If the wireless configuration does not automatically appear, navigate to to access the page. 
Step 8:
Check to accept the terms, then click Start >.

Step 9:
Enter your Username and Password and click Continue.
Step 10:

If prompted, you can choose to keep or remove certificates from devices that you've previously registered. Make sure to keep any cell phones, tablets or laptops that you use on the wireless network.
If using macOS Big Sur, navigate to Step 21.
Step 11:
Click Download for Mac OS X.

Step 12:
Open the Cloudpath folder from Downloads.

Step 13:
In the Cloudpath folder, double click the Cloudpath file to launch the program.

Step 14:
Select Open.

Step 15:
Enter your Mac username and password, then click Update Settings.

Step 16:Enter your Mac username and password and click Install Helper.

Step 17:
Once Cloudpath is done configuring and connecting, exit the window.

Step 18:

Your wireless connection will be moved to the EC_SECURE_WIFI. To confirm that this change has occurred, click the Airport Icon. You will see a check mark next to EC_SECURE_WIFI.
After connecting to the network (using either the wired or the wireless connection), open a browser and visit This website will guide you through the process of installing Bradford Persistent Agent and FortiClient on your computer, and registering your computer on the network.

Step 19:

Go to and navigate to step 3. Click the Macintosh link to download FortiClient. Open the downloaded file and install the software.

Step 20:

Go back to and navigate to step 4. Click the registration page link. You will be redirected to this page:

where you will agree to the acceptable use policy. From there, click on Use this link to register all PCs, Macs, smartphones, or any device with a web browser and enter your Etown login credentials. Fortinac Persistant Agent will be downloaded and you will need to run the downloaded file. Once the Fortinac Persistent Agent has been installed, you will need to enter your Elizabethtown College network credentials and a scan will initiate. After the scan has successfully completed, you will get a message that Network Reconfiguration in process. After the Fortinac Persistent Agent box has closed, you can close this browser window. Then, you will be ready to access the network.

 You may need to turn the Wi-Fi 'off' and back 'on' in order for the internet to work. Make sure to connect back to 'EC_SECURE_WIFI'.

Big Sur Users

Step 21:

Click the download link for Profile for Mac OS. A configuration profile will download. 

Step 22:

Click the Apple icon and select System Preferences...

Step 23:

Click on Profiles.

Step 24:

Select EC_SECURE_WIFI from the Downloaded menu and click Install... 

Step 25:

If this prompt appears, click Install.

Now continue from Step 18.

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Some Macs may require you to grant 'Full Disk Access' once FortiClient is downloaded.