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Wi-Fi: iOS Mobile Devices
How to connect your iOS device to EC_SECURE_WIFI. This is a secure wireless network that is available to anyone with an Etown username and password. Your computer must be also registered before you can access the network.
Basic Connection Guide
1. Open the Wireless menu on your device and connect to EC_SETUP_WIFI.
2. Open a web browser, visit, and follow the on-screen prompts.
3. Enter your username (without and password.
4. Follow on-screen prompts to install the certificates, then manually connect to EC_SECURE_WIFI.
5. Visit and follow the prompts to register your device.
To learn how to connect your Etown email with your device, click

Detailed Connection Guide

Step 1:
Tap Settings on the iOS device home screen.

Step 2:Tap Wi-Fi.

Step 3:Make sure Wi-Fi is ON. Tap EC_SETUP_WIFI.

Step 4:After your device connects to "EC_SETUP_WIFI", from the Settings menu, tap Safari.

Step 5:In the Settings for Websites area, tap Request Desktop Website. If you do not see an option for Request Desktop Website, proceed to step 7 below. 

Step 6:Tap the toggle switch to turn off the option to Request Desktop Website on All Websites.

Step 7:
Press the Home button and tap Safari.
You must use Safari, other web browsers will not work.
Step 8:When you try to visit a new webpage, Safari will be re-directed to the wireless configuration page. Tap on Start. If the wireless configuration does not automatically appear, navigate to to access the page.

Step 9:When trying to access Etown's wireless configuration on iOS 11, you will receive a warning that the site may be unsafe. This is okay. Tap Show Details.
If you are not using iOS 11, skip to Step 12.

Step 10:
Tap visit this website.

Step 11:Tap Visit Website.

Step 12:
Enter your Etown username and password, then click Continue.

Step 13:
If prompted, you can choose to keep or remove certificates from devices that you've previously registered. Make sure to keep any cell phones, tablets or laptops that you use on the wireless network. Then click Continue.

Step 14:Allow the installation of the profile, then click Close.

Step 15:
Go to Settings. Click Profile Downloaded.

Step 16:
Click Install, then Install, then Install. You may need to enter your passcode.

Step 17:Once the profile is installed, you will receive confirmation. Tap Done.

Step 18:Now that the profile is installed, you will need to switch to the college network. 

Step 19:
Press the Home Button again and return to Settings.  Tap General and then Settings to return to the main Settings Menu. Tap Wi-Fi.

Step 20:
Under Choose a Network, tap EC_SECURE_WIFI.

Step 21:Open Safari. If your device has not been registered, you will see the Acceptable Use Policy. Scroll to the bottom and tap Agree.
iOS devices do not always automatically take you to this page. If you do not see this, go to
Step 22:Click the link under Etown Accounts. Step 23:Enter your Etown network username and password, then click ContinueStep 24:Wait while the connection is configured. Click OK after the connection is established. You will have to fully close and reopen the browser, or you will be alerted if the device is already registered.If your device says registration has failed, power off the phone and then turn it back on again. You should be properly connected to the Wi-Fi.

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