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WebSnaps - PaperPort
The WebSnap feature in PaperPort Notes lets you capture screenshots from the web and place them in your documents. Here's how to add them to a document.
Step 1:Tap the Insert menu and choose File of Snapshot from Web.

Insert Snapshot
You can also insert a snapshot by creating a box and choosing Image... then Web Snapshot from the box Options Drawer.

Insert Snapshot from Box
Step 2:Your web browser will appear. Navigate to the desired content and tap the WebSnap button in the bottom left corner of the window. Step 3:Tap and drag across the area of the web page that you would like to capture, then tap Capture Selection.

Capture Selection
Step 4:The WebSnap will appear in your document on PaperPort Notes. It acts like a box, so you can tap it to edit or resize.


Adapted from:
PaperPort Notes for iPad User Guide

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