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Web Inbox
How to use the Web Inbox to access and manage your voicemail.

This process in only available while on campus or connected through VPN.

Step 1:
Click Web Inbox upon logging in
Web Inbox

Step 2: The Web Inbox tool will open to your voicemail inbox. 
Voicemail Inbox

Step 3:
Click the Play arrow to the right of the voicemail to play it. 
Click Play

Step 4:

Click on the voicemail in your inbox for options such as Replay, Forward, and Delete. 
Click on Voicemail for Options

Step 5: Click Deleted or Sent in the upper right corner to see voicemail that has recently been deleted or sent. 
Click Deleted or Sent

Step 6: Click Settings in the upper left corner to open the Messaging Assistant tool in a new tab. 
Click Settings for Messaging Assistant

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