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Voicemail Commands 

Provided below are the standard voicemail commands for the Cisco phone network. These may be entered at any time during message playback.
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General Commands       Message Commands       Playback Commands 

General Commands:

Below are the main menu options for the Voicemail system:

 Send a Message
3  Review Old Messages
4  Setup Options
*  Exit
0  Help
Message Commands:Below are the message options for use while a message is paused or after listening to a message:

1  Repeat Message
2  Save
3  Delete
4  Reply
5  Forward
6  Mark As New
 7   Skip Back
 9   Message Properties
*  Cancel playing messages
0  Help
Playback Commands:
Below are the options for use during message playback:

4  Slow down the message
6  Speed up the message
8  Pause the message
#  Skip message

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