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Voicemail and Email
There is a link between the voicemail and e-mail systems that allow you to check your voicemail through either your phone or e-mail.

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Link Between Voicemail and Email       Not Receiving Voicemail? 

Link Between Voicemail and E-mail
When you receive a new voicemail, the red light on your phone will turn on, and you will receive an unread e-mail. 

If you listen to the voicemail through your phone, the e-mail message will be marked as read. If you read the voicemail through your e-mail, the red light on your phone will turn off. 

Not Receiving Voicemail?
This may be a result of the voicemail/e-mail link. If a voicemail lands in your junk mail box in your e-mail, the voicemail system does not see the message and will not notify you of it. You can change the junk mail setting to always allow e-mail messages from your voicemail. 

Step 1:Locate the voicemail message in your junk mail box. 
Step 2:
Right click on the message and mouse over Junk. Select Never Block Sender

Note: You may need to complete this step for the following senders:,,

Junk, Never Block Sender
Step 3:
All future voicemail messages will now go to your inbox or other designated mailbox.
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