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Voicemail and Email
There is a link between the voicemail and email systems that allow you to check your voicemail through either your phone or email.

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Link Between Voicemail and Email       Not Receiving Voicemail? 

Link Between Voicemail and Email
When you receive a new voicemail, the red light on your phone will turn on, and you will receive an unread email. 

If you listen to the voicemail through your phone, the email message will be marked as read. If you read the voicemail through your email, the red light on your phone will turn off. 

Not Receiving Voicemail?
This may be a result of the voicemail/email link. If a voicemail lands in your junk mail box in your email, the voicemail system does not see the message and will not notify you of it. You can change the junk mail setting to always allow email messages from your voicemail. 

Step 1:Locate the voicemail message in your junk mail box. 
Step 2:
Right click on the message and mouse over Junk. Select Never Block Sender

Note: You may need to complete this step for the following senders:,,

Junk, Never Block Sender
Step 3:
All future voicemail messages will now go to your inbox or other designated mailbox.
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