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View Assignments - Turnitin
How to view assignments in the Turnitin app for iPad. 
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View Assignments

Step 1:
Select the Account name from the menu on the left. This will list all classes under that account. (If you are in portrait mode, click the Accounts button in the upper right corner). 

Select Account
Step 2:Tap on the name of a class to view the assignments for that class. 

Select Class
Step 3:Select the assignment you wish to view. 

Select Assignment
Step 4:The window on the right will show which students' assignments have been graded, not graded, and not submitted. 

Graded, Not Graded, and Not Submitted Assignments
Step 5:Click on a blue cloud icon to download and sync all papers for that assignment. 

Click Blue Cloud Icon to Download and Sync
Step 6:Tap Sync Papers to confirm. 

Sync Papers
Step 7:Note the similarity scores for each paper. 

Similarity Scores
Step 8:Tap on the name of a student to view his or her submission. 

Tap Name to View Submission
SubmissionVideo (2:06-2:44)

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Originality Report
How to view the originality report while you are viewing assignment submissions. 

Step 1: With the submission open, tap the originality icon in the top right corner. 

Originality Icon
Step 2:
Toggle the originality report ON

Originality Report ON
Step 3:
Text in the paper will be highlighted if it matches any source. The corresponding sources are listed in the Originality Report box. Tap on the number to view a preview of the source.

Highlighted Text Matches Source
Step 4:
Tap the expand icon in the upper left corner of the preview to view more of the matching source. 

Expand Icon
Step 5:
Tap the URL in the preview to view matching internet sources in a web browser. 

Video (2:31-3:06)

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Navigate Between Papers
Use two fingers to swipe right to left or left to right on the submission to navigate between papers.

Navigate Between Papers

Video (3:06-end)  

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