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Using the USB - Flip Cam Check Out
Step-by-step instructions on how to use the USB feature of the Flip Cams available for rent from the ITS Help Desk and information on accessing your video files.

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Using the USB
 Accessing Your Files

Using the USB

Step 1:Record your video.

For more information recording video, visit the Using the Camera article.

Step 2:Slide down the triangle key on the side of the Flip Cam.

The USB part should pop up automatically once you slide down the key.

Step 3:Plug in the Flip Cam to an available port on your computer.

Accessing Your Files

Step 1:Follow the instructions above.

Step 2:An AutoPlay pop up will appear on your screen. Select Open folder to view files.

Step 3:Locate the files you wish to upload. Select the files and right-click. Choose Copy.

Step 4:Navigate to the location where you would like to upload the files.Step 5:Right-click in the location and select Paste.

You have now uploaded your files.

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