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Using the HoverCam Ultra8 with Zoom
These instructions explain how to use the Ultra8 with Zoom. This does not require the use of the Flex10 software.

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Connection via USB     HoverCam Setup within Zoom 

Connection via USB

Before connecting to Zoom, the HoverCam must be connected via USB.

Step 1:

Plug the USB Cable into the USB input of the HoverCam that is located on the side of the device.

Step 2:

Press the Monitor icon in the upper right corner on the HoverCam and select USB.

Sharing HoverCam via Zoom

Now that the HoverCam is connected via USB, it can be used with Zoom.

Step 1:

Open a Zoom session and navigate to the video settings on the desktop computer.

Step 2:

Find the Camera dropdown in Video Settings and change the selection to HoverCam Ultra8.

Upon saving your settings, the document camera should now appear as your screen in Zoom.

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