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Using Clickers - iclicker
After initial installation, here's how to use the iclickers in class. You must have the iclicker software installed prior to taking these steps.
Step 1:Plug in the iclicker base to your computer.

Step 2:Open the iclicker software.

Step 3:If prompted by security, select Run.

Step 4:Select your course and click Start New Session.

Step 5:The Session toolbar will appear.

Step 6:On the Session Toolbar, click Multiple Choice to begin.

You can change the type of poll by clicking the drop down arrow and selecting a different choice.

Step 7:On the base receiver, you will see the polling timer, and the vote count received for each answer choice.

Step 8:Click the red square button on the Session Toolbar to end polling.

Step 9:To view the results, click the graph button on the Session Toolbar.

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