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Update - Web Browsers
How to check for an update in your web browser. Keeping your browser up to date will help ensure online security. 

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Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox       Google Chrome       Safari 

Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer is automatically updated with Windows updates. If you've updated Windows, chances are you've updated Internet Explorer as well. 

Step 1: Open Internet Explorer. Step 2: Click Tools on the Menu bar. (If the Menu bar is not displayed, click here).
Click Tools on Menu Bar
Step 3: Select Windows Update.
Windows Update

Step 4:

You will see if there are any updates for your computer. Internet Explorer may be among the updates, and you will have to look in the Important and Optional lists. In this case, the update is found in the Optional updates list.
Updates for Computer

Step 5:

Select the update for Internet Explorer. Click OK.
Select Internet Explorer Update

Step 6:

Click Install updates. You may need to restart your computer when it is finished.
Click Install Updates

Mozilla Firefox

Step 1: Open Firefox. Click the Tools menu, and click Options.

Step 2: Scroll down to the Firefox Updates section. Click Check for updates.

Google Chrome

Step 1:Open Chrome. Click the Customize and control button in the upper right corner, then click Help, then About Google Chrome

Step 2:
Google Chrome will automatically run a check for updates.

Safari updates are included in the software updates for Mac. Click here for instructions on updating your Mac software, and check for any Safari updates.

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