Unread View - Outlook
Creating and using an Unread View in Outlook to quickly see only unread messages.

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Step 1:
Under the View tab, click Change View then Manage Views…

Step 2:
Click New...

Step 3:In the Name of new view box, type the new view’s name: "Unread."Under Can be used on, check All Mail and Post folders.
Click OK.

Step 4:Click Filter…

Step 5:Select the More Choices tab.
Check Only items that are: unread will change from dim to bright.
Click OK until you are back to the normal view in Outlook.

Step 6:Use the Unread view by selecting View tab.
Select Change View, then click Unread.

Step 7:To see everything again, select Compact.

Step 1:
On the Menu bar at the top of the screen click View.

Step 2:Scroll down and hover over Filters.

Step 3:Select Unread.

Menu Method - View All

To reset the view to show all messages follow the instructions below.Step 4:To reset the view to show all messages, begin by clicking View.

Step 5:Scroll down and hover over Filters.

Step 6:Select Clear All Filters.

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