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Transferring a Call 

Transferring a call is quick and convenient way to refer a caller to another extension. This page provides instruction on transferring a call in-progress.
Step 1:  With a call active, press the Transfer Soft Key. Transfer Softkey Step 2: Using the keypad, enter the number of the transfer recipient.

To transfer directly to voicemail press the * key and enter the transfer recipient's extension.
Press the Transfer softkey to forward directly to voicemail.
Enter Transfer Recipient Step 3:If you wish to speak with the transfer recipient, wait for the call to go through. Alert them of who is calling and why, then press the Transfer key to complete the transfer. 

If you want to transfer the call without speaking with the transfer recipient, press the Transfer key right after dialing the number. 

If you wish to cancel the transfer, go to Ending Without Transferring.
Transfer Softkey Ending Without Transferring: To end the transfer sequence without transferring the call, press the EndCall softkey.EndCall Softkey You must press the Resume softkey to continue speaking with the caller.Resume Softkey
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