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Theme and Background - Office Applications
All programs in Office come with a selection of backgrounds and themes. Here's how to change the background and theme in any program. This process also works in Office 2013.

Note: If you are signed in to a Microsoft account when you change the theme, the theme will be the same for all of your Office programs. You do not need to be signed in to change the background, which will allow you to have a different background for each program. 

Step 1:Click the File tab.

Step 2:
Select Account

Step 3:You will see the options for Office Background and Office Theme.

Step 4:To change the background, choose an option from the Office Background dropdown list. Hover over any option to preview it.

Step 5:
Choose a theme from the Office Theme dropdown list. The theme is the background color behind the document as well as the overall color tone of the program.
 Step 6:
Click the Back arrow in the upper left corner to return to your document. 

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