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Templates - Publisher
Microsoft Publisher comes with a variety of templates for all kinds of publications. You can choose the color scheme, fonts, and other customization options when selecting a template. This process also works in Publisher 2013 and 2010.

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Create New Publication with a Template     Change Template 

Create New File With Template

Step 1:Open Microsoft Publisher.
Step 2:
Choose any of the templates listed. This example uses templates from the Built-in tab.

Step 3:
Select a layout for that template.

Step 4:
In the right pane, you will see the template and layout that you selected. You can choose a different color and font scheme, and any other layout options. These options vary by template.

Step 5:
Click Create in the lower right corner to make a new document with your template, layout, and customization options.

Change Template
How to change the template of an existing publication. 

Step 1:Open the publication in Publisher. Step 2:
Click the Page Design tab. Select Change Template from the Template group on the far left.

Step 3:

You may select a new layout for your template, or click Home to go back and choose an entirely different template. If you already have a lot of content in your document, choosing a different template may displace some items. 

Step 4:
In the right pane, choose a different color or font scheme if you would like. Click OK.

Step 5:
You will be prompted to change the current publication or create a new one with your existing content. To change the existing publication, choose Apply template to the current publication and click OK.

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