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Table Gridlines - Word
If you want to print a table without borders, it can be hard to locate the cells when editing the table. If you “View Gridlines”, they won’t print, but you can more easily work in the table, i.e.: widen the columns. This process also works in Word 2013 & 2010.

Step 1:Create a table by clicking the Insert tab, then Table. Mouse over the squares to choose your table size. Once inserted, this table will automatically have borders.

Step 2:Select the entire table.

Step 3:
Under Table Tools and the Design tab, click the Borders menu and choose No Border. The table will still appear selected, only without any borders. Do not click anywhere on the document.

Step 4:Back under Table Tools ribbon and Design tab, click the Borders menu and choose View Gridlines. These will show up in Word, but they will not print.

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