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Symbols & Diacritical Marks on Letters - Word
A diacritical mark is a mark added to a letter that indicates pronunciation. A symbol is a character like a heart. Here's how to add diacritical marks to letters in Word and insert a symbol. You can also create an AutoCorrect entry for the word so you don't have to add the symbol each time you type the word that needs a diacritical mark. This process also works in Word 2013.

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Insert Symbol      Insert Diacritical Mark       Add to AutoCorrect 

Insert a Symbol

Step 1: In Word, position the insertion point where the symbol will appear. Then click the Insert tab
Step 2:
Click Symbol, and then More Symbols...

Step 3:
Choose the font and then click on the symbol, then Insert, then Close.

Insert a Diacritical Mark
This example uses the word KᾹV, where the diacritical mark is over the A.
Step 1: Open a Word document. Step 2: Type the entire text as regular letters. 
Type Word
Step 3:
Highlight the letter that needs a diacritical mark. 
Highlight Letter
Step 4: Click the Insert tab.

Step 5:
Click Symbol and select More Symbols...

Step 6: Select the symbol that contains the letter with the diacritical mark. Click Insert.

Step 7:
Close the Symbol dialog box. The letter with the diacritical mark will appear in the text. 
Letter with Diacritical Mark

Add to AutoCorrect

Step 1: Highlight the word that contains the diacritical mark. 
Highlight Word
Step 2: Click the File tab and select Options.

Step 3:
Select the Proofing menu.

Step 4:
Click AutoCorrect Options...

Step 5:
In the Replace text box, type the word as it appears without any marks.

Step 6:
Click Add, then OK.

Step 7: Click OK on the options window. 

Step 8: Now, when you type the word without any mark, it will be AutoCorrected to the include the diacritical mark. 

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