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Swivl Cloud
Instructions for setting up a Swivl Cloud account and using it to upload and share videos easily. A Swivl Cloud account is needed if you want to post slides beside the lecture capture video without needing to use a third-party video editing tool.

Set Up an Account

Step 1:Go to "". 

Step 2:
Click on Login below the address bar.

Step 3:Click the HERE button to register for an account. 

Step 4:Fill in all fields with the information required and click the Register button to finish. A confirmation email will be sent to notify you of successful registration.

Managing Videos

Step 1:Log in to the Swivl account. 

Step 2:
The home page will appear with options for your videos. 
For information on how to upload videos, see the Upload Recordings article.

  Sharing a Video:
Select the video you would like to share by clicking on the video's preview box.

From the video management screen you can can preview or share your video.

Click Quickshare to send your video link via email.

A pop up will appear above the video stating the "Sharing process has successfully started. You will receive notification after video processing finished." 

Click Download to download the video as an mp4 file on your computer.

Note: You can also edit the title and description of your movie or delete it with buttons in the same box.

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