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Susquehanna Room
Technology instructions for the Susquehanna Room. If you experience any problems, call ext. 3333 or e-mail the Help Desk at Please visit our web site at for additional information. 

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Mapping Network Drives      Display Modes 

Mapping Network Drives
Warning: You must register your laptop to use it on the college network

Step 1:Double click mapnetworkdrives.exe on your desktop to open it. Open mapnetworkdrives.exe
Step 2:Enter your E-town username and password. Click OK.
Enter Etown Username and Password

Step 3: You will see a pop-up message indicating that all drives have been mapped successfully.You can find them in the This PC, under Network locations.

Display Modes

The computer defaults to duplicate – showing the same content on both screens.

Step 2:
To change the display setting press and hold the Windows key and tap “P

Step 3:
The menu to the right will pop up and you can click on the setting that you want.

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