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Survey Monkey
The college has a limited number of pro Survey Monkey accounts.When possible, please consider using Microsoft Forms for your survey needs.

Accessing a Pro Survey Monkey Account

Survey Monkey only allows 2 different web browsers to be saved for logging into an account.  This means that once you have accessed Survey Monkey with the account username and password from two different devices, you will be required to enter a verification code that is sent to the email associated with the account.

When the window appears to request a verification code, be sure to note what email address you need to access in order to retrieve the code.

If the email associated with the account is, you can call the ITS Help Desk at x3333 to get the code.

Can I use a free Survey Monkey Account?
Yes, you may.  However, there are limitations to the free account.  The survey will only allow 10 questions and 100 responses.  If your survey is more complex, a pro account is needed.

I need to send a survey out to campus.  How do I do this?
Surveys that need to be sent out to address lists on campus should be transferred to the EtownResearch account.  These requests can be made through Institutional Research via etownsurveys@etown.eduHere is the help guide from Survey Monkey to transfer a survey to a pro account.
Purchasing a Pro Survey Monkey Account
Departments or individuals that want to have their own pro Survey Monkey account should contact Deb Sheesley in Institutional Research to inquire about pro access.

Departments or individuals who opt to purchase a pro account will be responsible to pay for the license at the current rate.

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