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Submit Portfolio - Digication E-Portfolio
How to submit your e-Portfolio for evaluation by your instructor. These instructions have you submit the portfolio from within your portfolio site.
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Note: Make sure you have published all the information that needs to be submitted. Any information that has not been published may not be visible to the instructor

Step 1:Log in to your Digication account ( and open the portfolio you wish to submit. 

Open Portfolio
Step 2:
Click Portfolio Tools in the upper right corner and choose Submit

Portfolio Tools, Submit
Step 3:
Select the course to which you want to submit the portfolio (there will be a green check in front of the name). Click Next

Select Course, Click Next
Step 4:
Choose the assignment within the course (there will be a green check in front of the name). Click Next

Select Assignment, Click Next
Step 5:
Choose the step of the assignment you wish to submit (for example, the portfolio). Click Next

Select Assignment Step, Click Next
Step 6:
Select the page(s) that you want to submit. Check the portfolio name to include all pages.

Select Page(s) to Submit

Note: If you include a Draft page, the most recently published version will be submitted. If the page has never been published, the content will not be visible.
Step 7:Click Save and Submit

Click Save and Submit
Step 8:
You will receive notification of the submission. Click Go to this assignment to see more information on the status of the assignment. 

Go to This Assignment
Assignment InformationTo find this page again, click the Home tab and select the course.

Home Tab, Select Course
Click the Assignments tab. Click info next to a step in order to see more details. 

Assignments Tab
Step 9:
If there are additional steps in the assignment, you may submit them through the Assignments page of the course. There may be steps that require activation by the professor, in which case you will receive an e-mail when these steps become available.

Continue Through Steps

Note: When you submit an assignment, a "snapshot" of the portfolio content you submit is saved for your professor to review.  If you later add to/edit the portfolio, these changes are not viewable to the professor unless you resubmit the assignment. This is helpful so that you retain complete control over your portfolio content, while still providing the assignment information needed.

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