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Styles and Themes - Excel
Themes allow a user to format an entire document with a certain look. This includes fonts and colors. These are available in Excel 2013-2016.
Setting Styles and Themes in Excel

Step 1:Go to Page Layout and locate the Themes group.

Step 2:Go to Themes. Here you can select a pre-made theme and save your own theme.

Step 3:You can set font theme here too. Click Fonts. You can choose from preset fonts for a custom Theme or customize the fonts you prefer.

Step 4:You can also choose colors for your theme by clicking Colors. You can choose either a pre-made set of colors or create your own style by customizing the colors you prefer.

Step 5:Lastly, you can add effects to the theme. Click Effects. You can choose from a variety of options for presentation or visual appeal.

Step 6:To save your Theme, press Save Current Theme at the bottom of the Themes drop down box. Your saved theme will appear in this tab next time you login to your Microsoft Account.

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