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Split Panes - Word
You can split one Word window into two panes so that you are able to see the top and bottom of a document at the same time. This process also works in Word 2013.

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Split Button Method       Using Split Panes 

Split Button Method

Step 1:In the document, click on the View tab and select Split.

Step 2:Move the split bar up or down. Click to set the split where you would like it.

Step 3:To remove the split panes, go to the View tab and click Remove Split.

Using the Split Panes

Step 1:Click in a pane to make it active and begin typing. The typing done in one pane will also appear in the other.

Step 2:Each pane has its own scroll bar so that you can navigate through the document and see the top and bottom of each page at the same time.
Step 3:The file can be saved while either pane is active.

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