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This page provides a list of softkeys and their functions on the Cisco 7965/62 IP Phones.

 Deletes entered characters.
 >>  Moves through entered characters.
 Answer  Answers a call.
 Cancel  Cancels an action without applying changes
 CFwdALL  Allows you to setup or cancel call forwarding.
 ConfList  Shows a list of conference call participants.
 Confrn  Creates a conference call .
 Default  Restores a setting to its original value.
 Delete  Removes characters to the right of the cursor when using EditDial.
 Details  Provides details on a selected call in a directory.
 Dial  Dials an entered phone number.
 DirTrfr  Allows you join two calls without remaining on the call yourself.
 DND  Activates the Do Not Disturb feature.
 Down  Adjusts a setting, such as contrast, Down.
 EditDial  Edits a number in a call log.
 EndCall  Disconnects the current call.
 Exit  Returns you to the previous screen.
 GPickUp  Allows you to answer a call on another extension outside your group.
 Hold  Places the current call on hold.
 iDivert  Diverts an incoming call directly to voicemail.
 Join  Joins several calls on one line to create a conference call.
 MeetMe  Allows you to host a Meet-Me conference.
 More  Displays additional softkeys.
 NewCall  Allows you to make a new call.
 Park  Allows you to store a call using Call Park.
 PickUp  Allows you to answer a call on another extension in your group.
 Redial  Redials the most recently dialed number. See Redial.
 Resume  Resumes a held call.  See Holding and Resuming Calls.
 Save  Saves the a chosen setting.
 Search  Allows you to search for a directory listing. See Corporate Directory.
 Select  Select the chosen item on screen.
 Transfer  Initiates a call transfer.  See Transferring a Call.
 Up  Adjusts a setting up.

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