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Slide Master - PowerPoint
Slide Master allows you to edit the entire slide show design and effects at one time.

Step 1:Go to the ribbon and select View. Under the Master View section, click Slide Master.
The style selections you make will affect the entire document.You can edit any style while in the Slide Master such as font, font size, highlighting, underlining, bolding, italicizing, transitions, and animations.
Step 2:To change font, go to Home, and change the font as you normally would.

Step 3:For Transitions, click the Transitions tab on the ribbon. Then select the desired transition. Select Apply To All, and that animation will be applied to all slides.

Step 4:For Animations, go to the Animation Tab, and select the animation that you wish to use.

Step 5:Closing Slide Master is as simple as navigating to the new Slide Master tab on the ribbon, and click Close Master View in the upper right hand corner.

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