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Single- and Double-Sided Copies
All campus copiers are set to automatically print double-sided. This article explains how to switch between single- and double-sided printing on Kyocera copiers.
Step 1:Login to the copier.
For more information on logging in, visit the Copier Login article.
Step 2:Tap the rightmost option on the bottom of the table, labeled Duplex.

Step 3:
Choose from the four provided options.
  • 1-sided >>> 1-sided is for copying a single-sided document to make another single-sided document.
  • 1-sided >>> 2-sided is for creating a double-sided document from two single-sided documents.
  • 2-sided >>> 1-sided makes a double-sided document into two single-sided documents.
  • 2-sided >>> 2-sided is for copying a double-sided document to make another double-sided document.

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