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Sharing Calendars - Outlook
How to share your calendar in Outlook. This can be your primary calendar or any separate calendars that you've created.
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Share a Calendar

Step 1:
Right-click on the name of the calendar you wish to share. Select Properties.

Step 2:
Click the Permissions tab, and choose Add.

Step 3:
In the search box, type the name of the person you want to share your calendar with. Click their name on the list, then click Add ->. Click OK.

Step 4:
In the Calendar Properties, select all the users that you added to your list. Select the Permission Level for the group and click Apply, then OK. (By default, all users on campus can see Free/Busy time.)
  Step 5:The users will need to follow the steps outlined below to add your calendar.

Share a Calendar in Outlook Web App

Step 1
Click the Calendar icon at the bottom left corner of webmail.

Step 2:
Click Share at the top of the window and select the calendar you would like to share. 

Step 3:
Type the names or emails of the users you would like to share the calendar with and select their contact as it appears. 

Step 4:
Choose the level of access for the recipient and choose Share.

Step 5:
The recipient(s) will receive an email asking to accept the shared calendar request. Once this is accepted, they will be able to view your calendar.
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