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Share Network Drive File
Instructions on how to link to a file in the Network public folder in an email. The same link can be created in a document.
Note: These instructions only work on a PC, not Mac.

The recipient must be able to access the file, meaning it should be in a public/department shared/organization/class folder and the recipient should have an Etown account.

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Changing Settings               Attaching the File Link
Changing Settings

Step 1:Under the File tab, click Options.

Step 2:
Click Mail.

Step 3:Under "Compose messages,"  select the drop down arrow next to "HTML" and click Rich Text.

Step 4:Click OK.

Attaching the File Link

Step 1:
Draft your email.Once you have finished, place the cursor where you would like your file link to be placed. Click the Insert tab.

Step 2:
Click Hyperlink.

Step 3:
Locate and select your file. Click OK.

For information on how to access your network folders and files see the Network Drives article.

Step 4:The link to the file will appear in your new message.

Note: Simply clicking the file link will not open it on a Mac. For Mac users to open the linked file, they must (A) Control + Click the file and (B) select Open URL.

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