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Share Files - Office Applications
There are several options for sharing your files in Office. These also work in Office 2013.

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Save File
Share with People

Save File
For more sharing options, you must sign in to your Microsoft account and save the file to OneDrive. These instructions use the Etown OneDrive, but the process is the same for your personal OneDrive.

Step 1:Under the File tab, click Save As, then OneDrive.

Step 2:

Select a OneDrive folder to save your file.

Step 3:
Confirm the name and location of your file in the Save As window, then click Save

Step 4:
Select Share from the menu on the left.
The following instructions explain some of these options.

Share with People
Send an invitation to people via email for them to view and edit your file. You must save your file to OneDrive prior to completing these steps.

Step 1:Select Share with People, then click Share with People.

Step 2:
Enter the names or email addresses of the people you want to share your document with. Under the dropdown bar, select if you want them to be able to read and edit, or just read. Click Share when you're done.

Send your file as an email attachment, with several options. You must save your file prior to completing these steps.

Step 1:Select Email.
Step 2:
Choose Send as Attachment or any of the other options under Email to send your file in an email.

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