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Setup - iCloud
This article explains how to turn on iCloud for Apple products, and how to download it for PC.

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Download - PC
Automatic Downloads - PC
Turn On iCloud- Mac

Turn on iCloud - iOS
Automatic Downloads - iOS

Download - PC

Step 1:Go to the iCloud download website. Step 2:Click Download to download the latest version of the iCloud Control Panel. 
Click Download

Step 3:When it is finished, click on the download (iCloudSetup.exe) to install the program on your computer. 
Click iClousSetup.exe

Step 4:Click Run
Click Run

Step 5:Click Next> to begin setup. 
Click Next>

Step 6:Select I accept the terms in the license agreement. Click Next>.
Select to Accept Terms, Click Next>

Step 7:Check whether to automatically update iCloud Control Panel and other Apple software on your computer. Click Install
Click Install

Step 8:Enter your username and password, if prompted. 
Step 9:The program will install. Click Finish when it is complete.
Click Finish

Step 10:You will be prompted to restart your computer. Choose to restart now or later. 
Restart Computer

Step 11:After restarting, iCloud will automatically open. Enter your Apple ID and password, then click Sign in
Sign in With Apple ID

Step 12:The iCloud Control Panel will open. 
iCloud Control Panel

Automatic Downloads - PC
If you enabled automatic downloads on your iOS device, you must also enable them on your computer through iTunes. This will allow you to sync music, apps, and books between iTunes and your device. 

Step 1:Open iTunes. If you do not already have it, Download iTunes from the Apple website.
Step 2:Click the Menu icon in the top left corner. 
Menu Icon

Step 3:Select Preferences... 

Step 4:Click the Store icon from the top menu. 
Store Icon

Step 5:Under Automatic Downloads, check Music, Apps, and/or Books. Click OK
Automatic Downloads, Click Ok

Turn on iCloud - Mac

You must first set up iCloud on your iOS device, or iPhone, iPod, or iPad. 

Step 1:Click the Apple menu in the upper left corner. Step 2:Choose System PreferencesStep 3:Select iCloud from the Internet & Wireless section. Step 4:Sign in with your Apple ID. The iCloud Control Panel will open.

Turn on iCloud - iOS

Step 1:Tap the Settings icon. 

Step 2:Select iCloud

Step 3:Enter your Apple ID. Step 4:Once activated, you may choose what to store on iCloud. Step 5:Turn on iCloud for your PC or Mac computer.  
Automatic Downloads
Allowing automatic downloads will sync music, apps, books, and/or updates between devices.

Step 1:Tap the Settings Icon. 

Step 2:Select iTunes & App Store
iTunes & App Store

Step 3:Scroll down to the Automatic Updates section. Choose which features to turn on or off. For example, if you choose to turn Music on, it will sync all music purchases between your iOS devices and iTunes on your computer.
Automatic Downloads

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