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Sending a Fax
Step 1: Open a new email in Outlook or Outlook Web Access at  Step 2:In the To line enter +1 and the destination fax
Example: send a fax to where 717 is the area code, and 3613333 is the fax number.
To send a fax outside the country, use the international code as follows: +11 and the destination fax
Step 3:Enter the fax contents in the message body, or attach a document to the email. See Attaching a File  for instructions on attaching a file to an email message. Acceptable document types are PDF and any Microsoft Office Document. Attachments will be faxed in order of their attachmentTo fax both a message body and an attachment, enter /b at the end of the subject line of the message.
Step 4:Click Send to send the fax.

Confirmation Email:You will receive a confirmation email after the fax server successfully sends the fax.
A copy of the fax is attached to the email message.
In the event of an error you will receive a message containing the details of the error.

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