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Send From Other Mailbox - Outlook
If you are a college account holder with access to a group mailbox, you can choose to send an email from the group email address rather than your personal email address. By sending an email from the group email address, all replies will then go to that group mailbox.

Step 1:
Open Outlook to your mailbox. Create a new email message.

Step 2:
Click the Options tab in the message window and select From in the Show Fields group. You will only need to do this once - the From field will be displayed from now on. 

Step 3:
Click the From dropdown list next to the send button. Select the address from which you want to send the message. 

Step 4:
Continue filling out the message and click Send when you are finished. The message will be sent from the specified address, and all replies will go to the mailbox associated with that address.

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