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Self-Enroll in a Course - Digication E-Portfolio
You can add yourself to a course, community or assessment group in Digication if the course settings allow for self-enrollment.
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Self-Enroll in a Digication Course

This process enrolls the user as a student.  A faculty member in the course will need to change that role to faculty if the user should have faculty access rights.

Step 1:Go to in your web browser. Step 2:Enter your Etown network username and password, then click Log In

Log in To Digication

Step 3: On your home page, under the "My Courses"  module, click Find.

Step 4: Search for or browse the list of self-enroll courses in the list to find the name of the course you need.
Step 5: Click View next to the course name.

Step 6: Click Enroll.

Step 7: Click the Home link in the upper left-hand side of the screen to return to the homepage to view the list of courses you are now enrolled in.


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