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Screen Tips - Word
How to create a Screen Tip, or balloon of text that appears when you hover over a word. This process also works in Word 2013.
Step 1:Click in front of the word to which you wish to add a Screen Tip.
Step 2:Click the Insert tab. Choose Bookmark from the Links group.

Step 3:
Edit the bookmark name if needed. Click Add.

Step 4:Highlight the word, then choose the Insert tab. Select Hyperlink from the Links group.

Step 5:
In the Insert Hyperlink window, choose Place in This Document. Click the name of the bookmark you just created, and then click ScreenTip...

Step 6:
Enter the text you want to appear in the mouse-over balloon. Click OK.

Step 7:Click OK on the Insert Hyperlink window.

Step 8:When you hover over the highlighted text, the Screen Tip balloon will appear.

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