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Save Files to Desktop - Kurzweil
How to locate and save Kurzweil textbook files to your desktop for easy access.

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Map Network Drives       Save Files to Desktop 

Map Network Drives

You will first need to map the Etown network drives in order to access the files provided by Learning Services for use on Kurzweil. Instructions are here.

Save Files to Desktop

Step 1:Open your Computer menu.

Computer Menu
Step 2:Double click on Homedirs.

Open Homedirs
Step 3:Double click Faculty & Staff.

Faculty & Staff
Step 4:Double click Faculty & Staff Shared Folders.

Faculty & Staff Shared Folders
Step 5:Double click Learning Services.

Learning Services
Step 6:Double click Shared - Kurzweil.

Shared - Kurzweil
Step 7:Locate and open your textbook folder.

Open Textbok Folder
Step 8:Right click on the file you wish to save to your desktop. Choose Copy.

Copy File
If you want to save all of the files for the textbook, click the first file in the list, hold the [Shift] key, then click the last one. Right click on the selection and choose Copy.

Copy Multiple Files
Step 9:Minimize windows so you can see your desktop. Right click on your desktop and choose Paste.

Paste Files to Desktop
Step 10:Double click on the shortcut to open the file in Kurzweil.

File Shortcut

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