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Rules - Outlook
How to make a rule in Outlook 2016. These can be used to filter mail to stay organized and up-to-date. 

Step 1:Under the Home tab, click Rules, then Manage Rules & Alerts...

Step 2:Click New Rule...

Step 3:
Select a template. This article shows the process for the Move messages from someone to a folder template, but the process is similar for all templates.

Step 4:Select the relevant options, then click the underlined text in the description.

Step 5:Search for the contact in the address book. Select the contact, click From ->, then click OK.

Step 6:Click Next >.

Step 7:Select the relevant options and click the underlined text in the description.

Step 8:Select the folder and click OK.

Step 9:Click Next >.

Step 10:Choose any exceptions and select Next >.

Step 11:Review the content of the rule. Click Finish.

Adapted from Microsoft's instructions.

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