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Restart Print Spooler - Windows
The print spooler manages printing from the computer. In rare instances, the printer connection information can become corrupted. You can stop and start the print spooler to refresh the information for printing to resume. The instructions use Windows 7. 
Step 1:Click the Start menu button. Select Control Panel
Start, Control Panel
Step 2:Choose Administrative Tools (you may need to change the view to Small icons). 
Administrative Tools
Step 3:Double click Services
Double Click Services
Step 4:Enter your username and password, if prompted. Step 5:Locate and double click Print Spooler in the list. 
Double Click Print Spooler
Step 6:Click Stop
Click Stop
Step 7:Click Yes
Click Yes
Step 8:Wait until it stops the service. Click Start when it is finished. 
Click Start
Step 9:Wait until it starts the service, then click OK
Click OK
Step 10:You may close the Services, Administrative Tools, and Control Panel windows.
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