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Remove Symantec
With the shift to FortiClient, Symantec is no longer required on your computer. The program can remain on your device indefinitely, but it will not function and ITS advises that you remove it to save space.

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Remove Symantec (Preferred Method) - PC     
Remove Symantec with CleanWipe - PC   
Remove Symantec - Mac

PC - Remove Symantec (Preferred Method)

Step 1:
Click the Windows button and select Settings

Step 2:
Click System.

Step 3:
Click Apps & features

Step 4:Type "symantec" into the search bar. Click Symantec Endpoint Protection.
Step 5:
Click Uninstall

Step 6:Click Uninstall.

PC - Remove Symantec with CleanWipe
Use CleanWipe if the preferred method for removing Symantec does not work. 

Warning: CleanWipe removes ALL Symantec programs, not just the Endpoint Protection or AntiVirus program. If you would like to keep these other Symantec programs, make sure you can reinstall then after running CleanWipe. A warning from CleanWipe: "...SCSCleanWipe is an unsupported Symantec tool provided as a fallback resource in case a regular uninstallation cannot properly commence. The tool is provided as an 'as is' state and Symantec takes no resposibilities with any unforseen errors resulting from usage of the tool."

Step 1:Download the file: SCSCleanWipe.
Step 2:

Save the file to your desktop and close your web browser.
Step 3:

On your desktop, double click
Step 4:

Double click SCS_CleanWipe.batDouble Click SCS_CleanWipe.bat
Step 5:

Click ExtractClick Extract
Step 6:

Click Extract allClick Extract All
Step 7:

After the files have been extracted, the SCSCleanWipe folder will reopen.  SCSCleanWipe Folder
Step 8:
Double click the Docs folder. Open Docs Folder
Step 9:

Open CS CleanWipe Users Guide for instructions on using the program.  SCS CleanWipe Users Guide
Step 10:

In the SCSCleanWipe folder, double click SCS_CleanWipe.bat to run the program.  Open SCS_CleanWipe.bat
Step 11:

After Symantec has been removed, you can delete any CleanWipe files.

Mac - Remove Symantec

Note: To use this tool, you must be logged in to the Macintosh with an Administrator account with a non-blank password.

If you have upgraded to High Sierra, Symantec will no longer work on your Mac. Follow these instructions to uninstall it, then reinstall using this link.

Step 1:

Step 2: Click the arrow next to the RemoveSymantecMacFiles file that you downloaded so that the file expands. Right click RemoveSymantecMacFiles.command select Open With > Terminal.
Step 3: Type your Mac OS X password, and then press [Return].
Note: When you type, no characters appear.

Step 4: Type [1], to remove all Symantec files and folders and then press [Return].
Step 7: If asked to restart the computer, type [y] and then hit [Return]. Your computer will restart.
Step 8: Close out of the terminal window if it still appears.

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