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Registration - Multi-Factor Authentication
After you have determined the method of authentication you would like to use, proceed to registration. 

Step 1:Go to Enter your E-town email address and click Next.

Step 2:Enter your E-town email and password. Click Sign in.

Step 3:You may be asked if you want to stay signed in. Choose whichever option you prefer. 

Step 4:
Click Next.

Step 5:Depending on your authentication method, you will proceed differently. If you are using the Microsoft Authenticator app, download the app, then return to your web browser and continue to step 6. If you are using text or phone call, skip to step 11.

Step 6:Select Mobile app from the drop down menu. Check the appropriate option. If you are using the Authenticator push notification method, check Receive notifications for verification
If you want to use the six-digit code, check Use verification code.
Click Set up.

Step 7:Once the app has been configured, you will see a QR code.

Step 8:Open the app and select Add account, then Work or school account.  

Step 9:Scan the QR code.

Step 10:On your phone, tap Approve. Skip to step 13.

Step 11:
Select Authentication phone from the drop down menu and enter your phone number. Choose the appropriate option from the Method box. If you are using the phone call method, choose Call me.
If you would like to receive a code via text message, choose Send me a code by text message.
Click Next.

Step 12:Enter the code and click Verify.

Step 13:
After validating with your preferred option, you can select alternative options if desired. When done, click Save and close the page. 
Note: It may take up to 1-2 business days for your registration with multi-factor authentication to be finalized once the above process is completed. 

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