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Registering Students - iclicker
i>clickers can be used as an anonymous polling device, however you may also register students to give them credit for their answers.These instructions detail how to complete registrations manually.  A Canvas Integration feature is also available and highly recommended.

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Create a Course Roster       Web Registration       In Class Registration

Create a Course Roster

Step 1:Locate and open the iclicker folder on your computer.

Step 2:Double click on the Classes folder.

Step 3:Select the name of your course from the list of folders and open the folder.

Step 4:Double click on the roster.txt file.

Step 5:A word processor (Notepad, etc.) will open. Add your student information in this file under the existing information. It must be entered as last name, first name, unique id. For example: Stelzer, Tim, tstelzer. Only enter one student per line.

Step 6:Click File and Save the roster.

Step 7:Exit the word processor.

If you are prompted to save again, click Save.

Your roster has now been updated and added to the course.
Web Registration Registering students' iclickers online is  an effective way to register large classes.
Step 1:Have each student go to

Step 2:Click on the MENU button in the top right of the webpage.


Step 4:Students should enter their information. For Student ID, specify whether you want the 7-digit ID # or their network username. The Remote ID can be found in various places: Remote ID# Location

Step 5:When finished entering the information, students should click Register. They will receive a popup confirming registration. The student ID is now tied to the Remote ID. Students Enter Info
  If a remote was previously registered to another student, when the new student registers the remote online, they will be charged a $6.99 registration fee.  The only way to avoid this fee is to use Roll Call Registration (below).

In Class Registration

This process is recommended for small classes under 50 students. Step 1:In the iclicker program, click the name of your course and click Start New Session.

Step 2:Click the Options cog on the session toolbar.

Step 3:Select Roll Call registration.

Step 4:A window will appear with the students' names. Next to the names are letter sequences. Have each student tap the letters on their iclickers that correspond to these assigned letter sequences. After a remote is registered, the remote ID # will appear next to the student.

You must create a course roster using the steps in the first section above before student names will appear.

Step 5:Click Close to end registration.

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