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Reduce PDF Size - Adobe Acrobat Pro
You can use Adobe Acrobat X Pro to reduce a PDF file size.
Step 1:You must have the document saved as a PDF file.
Note: Do not double click on the PDF file before starting the Adobe program. It will probably open in Adobe Reader, which doesn't have the ability to reduce file size.
Step 2:Start Adobe Acrobat X Pro.

Adobe Acrobat X Pro
Step 3:Go to File and choose Open... to open your large PDF file. Step 4:Click the File menu, hover over Save As, and choose Reduced Size PDF...

Save As Reduced File Size
Step 5:Click the drop down list arrow next to Retain existing.

Choose Compatibility
Step 6:Choose a lower version of Acrobat to ensure that it will be accessible to any recipients. This example uses Acrobat 7.0 and later. Click OK

Choose Lower Version
Step 7:Type a file name. You may want to change the file name slightly so that the original is not replaced. Choose a location for the file, then click Save.

Name and Choose Location for File
Step 8:After saving, the file will be significantly smaller.
Example results: Before reducing the file size = 2.52MB, after reducing the file size = 872 KB

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