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RAM and Activity Monitor - Mac OS X
How to find out how much RAM is available on your Mac. You can also use Activity Monitor to see if your Mac would benefit from having more RAM.
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Check Amount of RAM       Activity Monitor 

Check Amount of RAM

Step 1:Click the Apple button and select About This Mac.

Step 2:Observe the amount of memory.

Activity Monitor

Step 1:In Finder, open the Applications folder.

Step 2:Choose Utilities

Step 3:Open the Activity Monitor application. 

Step 4:Click the Memory menu. 
Step 5:You will now see all the current processes running on you Mac. If you want to end one of these processes, click on it to highlight it and then click the stop sign with the x to end it.

Step 6:At the bottom of the window you will see the Memory Pressure graph along with the numerical values for the amount of memory in use.

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