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Quick Analysis Tool - Excel
Use the quick analysis tool to format and analyze a set of data. This article shows Excel 2016, but the process is the same in Excel 2013 .

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Use Quick Analysis Tool  Turn Off Quick Analysis Tool    

Use Quick Analysis Tool

Step 1:Open your existing data in Excel.. 
Step 2:
Select the data you wish to format or analyze. 

Select Data
Step 3:
Look for the quick analysis tool in the lower right corner of the selected data. 

Quick Analysis Tool
Step 4:
Click the quick analysis tool to open it. The options will vary by the type of data selected, however the tool typically contains the following categories: 

Quick Analysis Tool Options
FormattingUse Formatting to display or highlight certain data. Hover over the options to display a live preview in your data. 

Display your data in a chart, such as a column or line graph. Hover over the chart options to display a live preview of your data. 

Use Totals to complete calculations from your data. These calculations may appear in a live preview below or to the right of your existing data. 

Format your data as a table with filtering options. Hover on the table to see a live preview of your data. 

Display trends in your data. Hover over the options for a live preview to the right of your data.


Turn Off Quick Analysis Tool

Step 1:In Excel, click the File tab. 

File Tab
Step 2:Select Options

Step 3:
In the General menu, remove the check from Show Quick Analysis options on selection under User Interface Options. 

Remove Check from Show Quick Analysis Options on Selection
Step 4:
Click OK in the Options window.

Click OK

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