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Quick Access Toolbar - Office Applications
Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar can save you time and frustration. Follow the steps below to change the Quick Access Toolbar in your office programs. In this article, the "Save As" command is added to the Quick Access Toolbar. This article shows Office 2016, but the process also works in Office 2013.

Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar

Step 1:Open an Office program, such as Word.Step 2:
Under File, select Options.Step 3:Select Quick Access Toolbar.

When customizing the Quick Access Toolbar, the default choices to add are from the list Popular Commands. You can change the lists based on your preferences.

Step 5:Select the command you wish to add, such as Save As.
Step 6:Click Add > >.
Step 7:Your command will appear under the list of commands. Click OK.
Your Toolbar has now been customized.

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