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Publish to CD - Powerpoint
You can publish your PowerPoint presentation to a CD, making it easier to transport and share. This process also works in PowerPoint 2013 & 2010.
Step 1:Insert a blank CD into your CD drive. Step 2:Open the PowerPoint presentation that you wish to put on a CD. Step 3:Click the File tab and choose Export.

Step 4:Click Package Presentation for CD, then Package for CD.

Step 5:
Next to the Name the CD text box, enter a descriptive name for your CD. If you wish to include more than one presentation or file on the CD, click the Add... button and select the additional
file(s). Next, click Options...

Step 6:You may choose to change your options for packaging to a CD.

Under Include these files, check Linked files if you want to Include all the files that are linked to the package, such as Excel workbooks, videos, sound files, etc. that you have referred to in your presentation. Check Embedded TrueType fonts if you want to embed all the TrueType fonts within the presentation so that they will be available on other computers that may not have them installed.

Under Enhance security and privacy, you may enter a password to open and/or modify the presentation(s). Check Inspect presentations for inappropriate or private information if you would like to protect personal information and hidden data. Click OK when finished.

Step 7:
If you have created a package of many files, you may want to save the whole package on your computer so that you can easily access it again. Click Copy to Folder...

Step 8:
Choose the name and location of the package folder and click OK.

Step 9:
Click Yes to accept the linked files.

Step 10:
Click Copy to CD to put your file(s) on the CD.
Step 11:Click Yes to include the linked files. After the process is complete, you will receive a confirmation message and the CD will eject from the drive.

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