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Privacy Settings

Instructions on how to adjust privacy settings on iPads and iPhones. Depending on how your iPhone is configured, information about personal aspects can be seen by others, and preventing them from seeing them is generally a good thing. This guide will show you how to change the privacy settings so that others can not see as much. 
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Accessing Privacy Settings                    App Access
Location Services

Accessing Privacy Settings

Step 1:

At the home screen select the Settings icon.

Step 2:

In the settings menu, scroll down and select Privacy.

Location Services

Step 3:

In the Privacy menu, select Location Services.

Step 4:

In Location Services, select Share My Location, and turn it off.

You may also allow for individual apps to have access to your location. To do this, while in the Location Services menu scroll down to find the list of apps that have access to your location. Select one, and manually turn it off or on.

App Access

Step 1:

Under privacy, scroll down to find the list of apps that can share information. 

Step 2:

When you select an app, the list of programs that have access to that information will be listed. For example, in Contacts, the list of other apps that have access to my contacts are shown.

Step 3:

Turn on or off which apps have access to that information.

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