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Presenter View - PowerPoint
Presenter view allows the presenter to view slide notes and annotate slides while giving the presentation. The audience will only be able to see the slides and any annotations. This is available when the presenter is using two monitors (ex. a computer and a projector/screen) to present. Presenter view is now also available using only one monitor, which can be helpful in practicing presentations. This process also works in PowerPoint 2013.

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Access Presenter View 
Presenter View Controls         

Access Presenter View

Step 1:Open your presentation in PowerPoint. Click the Slide Show button in the bottom right corner (next to the zoom slider) to enter Slide Show view. 

Slide Show
Step 2:
Hover in the bottom left corner of the screen. Click the More Options (...) icon. 

More Options
Step 3:
Select Show Presenter View

Show Presenter View
Step 4:
The presentation will be displayed in Presenter View. You will see the current slide, current slide notes, the next slide, and the elapsed time.

Presenter View
Step 5:
Use the arrows at the bottom of the current slide to navigate between slides. 

Navigate Between Slides
Step 6:
Click Show Taskbar in the upper left corner to display the Windows taskbar and switch to other programs. 

Show Taskbar
Step 7:
Adjust the font size of the notes by clicking the increase or decrease font size icon.

Adjust Note Font Size
Step 8:
To pause or reset the timer, click the Pause or Restart icon next to the timer in the upper left corner. 

Pause or Reset Timer
Step 9:
Click End Slide Show at the top of the screen to exit Presenter View. 

End Slide Show

Presenter View Controls

Step 1:Open your presentation in Presenter View (Steps 1-3 above). 
Step 2:
Locate the Presenter View controls under the current slide. They are the following:

Presenter View Controls

Pen and laser pointer tools

Pen and Laser Pointer Tools

Use the laser pointer, pen, and highlighter to annotate slides. You can change the color and erase any ink. The marks will appear on the presentation screen live as you annotate in Presenter View. 


See all slides

See All SlidesClick the See All Slides button to show all slides in the presentation. This will only be visible on the presenter's screen. The selected slide will appear to the audience. 

All Slides Shown

Zoom into the slide

Zoom Into the SlideWith the zoom tool selected, you can click on an area of the slide preview to zoom in on it. 

Preview Zoom Area

Black or unblack slide show
Black or Unblack Slide ShowHide the presentation screen. This can be helpful when presenting something that is off screen, so that the audience is not distracted. 

Hidden Presentation

More slide show options
More Slide Show OptionsThis tool allows you to navigate to the last viewed slide, exit Presenter View, show several options on the screen, and end the slide show.

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