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Online Basics - PowerPoint
PowerPoint Online is the online version of Microsoft PowerPoint that allows users to create PowerPoint slideshows and presentations without having to install Microsoft PowerPoint onto their computer. It also is linked to OneDrive, meaning you can easily save and share these documents with others online.
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 Accessing PowerPoint Online 
Creating a Presentation
 Creating New Slides
Adding Text to a Presentation Keyboard Shortcuts
Saving a Presentation

Accessing PowerPoint Online

Step 1:Go to the Office 365 homepage via your preferred web browser. 

For instructions on how to log on to Office 365, refer to the Office 365 Basics article.

Step 2:Once you've logged on to Office 365, click on the PowerPoint Online icon to access PowerPoint Online.

Creating a Presentation

After clicking on the PowerPoint Online icon, select which type of presentation you wish to use. You can choose a blank presentation or choose one of the provided templates.

Creating New Slides

Along the toolbar towards the top of your screen, otherwise known as "The Ribbon", you'll find a variety of design options that you will frequently use when making a presentation. One of these useful tools on The Ribbon is the New Slide button.

To create a new slide,

Step 1:Click on the Insert tab, located on the ribbon, then click New Slide.

Step 2:Choose the type of slide you would like to use and click Add Slide.

A list of all your slides can be found in the left-hand margin of your screen.

(Optional) Step 3:
Change the layout, duplicate a slide, or hide a slide with the indicated buttons.

(Optional) Step 4:
Delete unwanted slides by right-clicking on the slide you wish to get rid of, and clicking Delete Slide.

Adding Text to a Presentation
Once you have created a slide, you can now add text to your presentation.

To add text to a slide,

Step 1:Click on the specific slide you wish to edit using the left hand margin, the click the text box and begin typing.

To change your text's fonts and font sizes, use the following tools:For more in depth instructions on how to customize fonts, refer to the Word Basics help guide.

Keyboard Shortcuts

In PowerPoint Online, there are a variety of keyboard shortcuts that make editing your presentation just a little bit easier. All you have to do is select the text you wish to edit, and then press the indicated keyboard shortcuts. Here is a list of some shortcuts you might commonly use:

Editing text:
[Ctrl] + [C] = Copy
+ [V] = Paste
[Ctrl] + [X] = Cut
[Ctrl] + [B] = Bold text
[Ctrl] + [I] = Italicize
[Ctrl] + [U] = Underline text
[Ctrl] + [Z] = Undo an action
[Ctrl] + [Y] = Redo an action
[Delete] or [Ctrl] + [D] = Delete text

Saving a Presentation

Because PowerPoint Online is web based, you no longer have to worry about saving your presentation. PowerPoint Online automatically saves your presentation for you as you type, and stores it in your OneDrive.

For instructions on how to access your presentation in your OneDrive, please refer to the Navigate/Access Files article in the OneDrive section of the Knowledgebase.

However, if you click on the File tab on the Ribbon, and then Download As, you can choose a method to download it to your computer.

For additional assistance, please refer to Microsoft's help guide.
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